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Many young people start smoking as they like aping the movie stars who have made it a glamorous and 'cool' thing. Have no illusions; it has been proven to cause 'Lung cancer' and other types of cancer. Suffering from cancer is the last thing you want to do and it's certainly not cool. Our noses and mouths were not meant to be smoke chimneys. They were meant for breathing fresh clean air.

Smoking bans -- because of the odor, health risk and fire hazard, smoking real cigarettes is prohibited in many places such as restaurants, shopping malls and office buildings to name a few.

Here are some funny anti-smoking slogans that can drive the message home and at the same time amuse you. The more funny it is, the more people will keep the message in mind and act as per that.

I have been addicted to cigarettes for 20 decades. I have been making an attempt to give up for nineteen of individuals many years. I no longer have to care about quitting cigarette smoking. I can even use nicotine totally free cartridges if I so decide on. Davinci Ascent come in a selection of nicotine strengths. You can pick a high nicotine content, medium, reduced, and zero. My strategy is to operate my way to zero. I will be cigarette smoking in all places and anywhere I want. There are no laws stopping me from savoring my habit.

I have been addicted to smoking cigarettes for twenty years. I have constantly wanted to stop. To quit permanently. I have experimented with almost everything from hypnosis to the patch and the quitting never never lasted. Right now, because of the electronic cigarette I don't have to stop smoking. Right now there is absolutely no need .

Every time you have a cigarette you put your body under stress. Then your body tries to clean out the chemicals, which again makes you feel uncomfortable, and puts you under stress. And you do this every day going round and round in circles, no wonder you a re so stressed!

I continued to cut down my nicotine intake by vaping less and less as the days and weeks went by. After a few months, I was out of my flavor cartridges, and I decided not to buy anymore. I did ok without vaping, but I started putting weight on so gradually that I was a good 20 pounds heavier before I realized it. I didn't let that bother me because I figured now that I was aware of it I could stop, and hopefully reverse, the weight gain. Nope. Didn't happen. At this point, I began to become concerned because my sugar cravings were out of control, but I didn't let that faze me either. I would just go with the weight gain and start working it off after it peaked out.

Tar: Tar is particulate matter in the cigarette, which is deposited in the lungs, causing problems in the respiratory system. A chain smoker's lungs are totally blackened, instead of being pinkish white, which is their natural color. The blackening is due to this tar deposition. Smoking turns your lungs into a carbon dump.

Lead, Cadmium, and Nickel These metals are also contained in trace amounts in cigarettes. Nickel is known to cause respiratory problems in smokers and cadmium is carcinogenic. Lead is another poisonous substance found in the smoke.

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