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This tool will allow you to add new practices to your land units. You'd follow this steps to add a new practice:

1. Select a land unit.

2. Click on Practices button, the wizard will show up.

Add practices 1.jpg

3. Select a practice and then click on Next button.

Add practices 2.jpg

4. You can complete the practice properties. For this, click on Narrative button and select the narrative, select the program from Programs list, enter the planned amount and planned date. Then click on Next button.

Add practices 3.jpg

Most of the fields in the Conservation Practice Form are self-explanatory. However, there are a couple of things to Note:

  • When you click on the Narrative button, you'll see a list of Narratives, pre-defined by the NRCS. Please note, that when you select one of the Narratives, in the text area, you can enter customized text, thus, adapting it for your practice context.
  • The Units field is read-only, and it changes with the type of practice, for instance, for a Grassed Waterway the unit is 'ac' or acres, for a Pumping Plant it's 'no' or number
  • Note that there is Recurring Practice

5. If you wish, enter a note. Then click on Next button.

Add practices 4.jpg

6. In the final step, you'll be able to review the information you gave for your new practice. If you need to do any modifications, click on Back button to go back to the previous window and modify the data. If you want to create this practice as it is, click on Finish button. If you want to cancel the creation altogether, click on Cancel button.

Add practices 5.jpg

You'll see the land unit created in customer folder data grid.

Add practices 6.jpg