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A msample of elsuspension was combined with an equavolume of. trypan blue in PBS and the ells had been ounted using a hemoytometer. ells that did not exlude the trypan blue were onsidered nonviable. The BM populace was analyzed for stream ytometry of marophage marker F using easyyte HT circulation ytometer applying common proedure as for every manufaturers instrution elsurvivaassay elsurvivawas established by common MTT assay aording to a approach desribed earlier with slight modifiations. MTT was added to eah welof the ulture plate ontaining mmedium and inubated at for h. The medium was then arefully taken out, without having disturbing the dim blue formazan rystals. Fifty mDMSO was extra to eah weland blended comprehensively to dissolve the formazan rystals. Plates were being then read on a miroplate reader at a wavelength of nm. Readings are offered as optiadensity at nm Planning of onditioned medium elonditioned medium was applied as a soure of marophage olony stimulating fator. LM was organized aording to a method desribed previously. ells, obtained from Nationaentre for elSiene, Pune, India, ended up inubated in RPMI supplemented with FS for e times. elfree supernatant was then harvested from the onfluent monolayer of ells, handed by. mm membrane filter and kept at untiuse Morphologiaevaluation of apoptoti ells by WrighteGiemsa staining Apoptoti elpopulation was enumerated by a technique desribed earlier. elsuspension was smeared on a slide, airdried, fastened in methanol, stained with WrighteGiemsa staining resolution, mounted in glyerine and analyzed beneath gentle mirosope at magnifiation. Apoptoti ells ended up recognized on the basis of morphologiafeatures that inluded ontrated elbodies, ondensed, uniformly irumsribed and densely stained hromatin, and membrane certain apoptoti bodies ontaining a person or a lot more nulear fragments. The perentage of apoptoti ells was determined by ounting far more than ells in at minimum 3 independent randomly seleted mirosopi fields TUNEstaining for detetion of apoptoti ells Apoptoti ells were being also determined by TUNEstaining using a TUNEassay package , pursuing the manufaturers instrutions as desribed previously. Briefly, ells were being fastened in paraformaldehyde resolution in PBS at for min adopted by inubation in ethanoat for min. ells were being then inubated in DNA labeling resolution ontaining TdT enzyme and BrdUTP at for min adopted by washing with rinse buffer and inubation in Alexa Fluor dye labeled anti BrdU antibody for min at area temperature. Apoptoti ells were determined both below period ontrast and fluoresene optis. ells whih fluoresed brightly had been apoptoti when noticed below fluoresene optis of fluoresene mirosope. The perentage of apoptoti ells was established by ounting extra than ells in at minimum 3 independent randomly seleted mirosopi fields Annexin V staining for detetion of apoptoti ells Move ytometri analsis for detetion of apoptoti elpopulation was arried out annexin V staining working with with annexin VFIT apoptosis detetion kit as for each manufaturers instrution. Equaloading of proteins was top article decided by employing equaelnumber for preparing of lysates, loading of equaprotein ontent and immunoblotting of b atin RT PR for expression of mRNA for PUMA, M SF and reeptors for GM and M SF RT PR analysis for the expression of mRNA for PUMA, M SF, reeptors for GM SF , M SF and b atin were arried out aording to a strategy desribed before utilizing a a single action RT PR elto DNA package.