How to associate data to a 360 farm in ODK

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Once they're synchronized, your field sampling data will be available in 360. You will now be able to manipulate them and add them to your existing farms.

This procedure will show you how to add field sampling data to any of your farms.

Warning Warning: Synchronization between your mobile phone and 360 is not immediate. Once you've completed this process, wait a few minutes before looking for them in 360


  1. First, go to this link at
  2. This page will show you the complete list of field samples synced with GeoAgro servers, grouped by form. For any field sampling activity you'd like to add, click on the List link
    Accessing field sampling data via web 01.jpg
  3. Once inside the list of field sampling activities for a particular type of form, click on the Farm360 link corresponding to the activity you'd like to add
    Accessing field sampling data via web 02.jpg
  4. In the next screen you'll be able to select the farm you will add your samples to (1). Also, enter the name of the data layer (2) and the group that will contain it (3). Click on Export to complete the process
    Accessing field sampling data via web 03.jpg
  5. Having associated them, your data will be available for review in the farm navigation section in 360.
    Accessing field sampling data via web 04.jpg

Field sampling

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