CPlanner Oveview - Webinar presentation for Technical Service Providers and NRCS Staff

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About the webinar

In this webinar we'll review how GeoAgro CPlanner can be used to connect to the NRCS National Conservation Planning Database, including how to obtain permissions from the producer and submit it to the field office, working on conservation plans, mapping, exchanging documents, and reporting to NRCS.

Organized by: NRCS Alabama State Office, and NRCS TSP Team.

Panelists & Participants

Panelists included:

  • Dennis Godar, Technical Service Provider
  • Ed Di Pollina, GeoAgro Team Leader

Video recording

Part 1 - Introduction

Download Link

Part 2 - CPlanner Overview pt. 1

Download Link

Part 3 - CPlanner Overview pt. 2

Download Link

Part 4 - CPlanner Overview pt. 3

Download Link

Part 5 - GIS overview & conclusions

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