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{{#customtitle:What happens if my CPlanner login is not working?|What happens if my CPlanner login is not working?}} 

CPlanner uses the USDA authentication server to validate users. This enables you to use your regular Technical Service Provider credentials for logging in to CPlanner.

If you run into any issues when trying to login, please follow the steps below to ensure everything is properly set up.


First Step - Login

When you open Cplanner you should be able to see the image below. Enter your username and password.

If it doesn't login correctly, there may be a number of possible issues and solutions, as described below


Possible Issue 1 - You may not have USDA level II credentials

If, after logging in, you see the screen below, you may not have a Level II certified E-Auth identity, you may not have registered yet in TechReg, or your account may have been disabled if your TechReg registration lapsed.
FAQ 3.jpg


Next step:
- To find out more about how to apply for a Level II certified E-Auth identity, please follow this link
- To contact TechReg for registering or re-enabling your account, please visit TechReg or contact them at [email protected]

Possible Issue 2 - check if the USDA Servers are available

If, after logging in, you see the screen below, there may be en issue with USDA Servers.
FAQ 1.jpg

To check if this is the case, please follow this USDA authentication link, and try to login.

There may be two possibilities:

a. The USDA servers are working properly: If, after logging in, you see the screen below, you have been able to successfully authenticate in the USDA servers via your web browser.
FAQ 2.jpg
Next Step: Go back to Cplanner and try logging in again; if you are still not able to successfully login, contact us at [email protected] so we can provide you with assistance.

b. The USDA Servers may not be available: If, after trying to log in to the USDA authentication link you see the screen below (same as the one shown in the second item), there's an issue on the USDA Authentication Server side.
FAQ 1.jpg

Next step: Contact the USDA e-auth help desk to request a solution. If you don't receive a timely response, you may contact us at [email protected] to help with the followup and tracking issues. Please keep in mind that this type of issue may only be solved from the USDA servers side.

Possible issue 3 - there is an issue with your Internet (ISP) provider, proxy server or firewall

When you open Cplanner you are not able to reach the login window shown below.
Next step: Please check with your ISP or your technical support personnel to ensure there's no proxy server or firewall blocking your access to the USDA Authentication server.

Last step - Your issue doesn't fit with any of the issues above

Please send an email to: [email protected], and we will assist you in solving your issue.