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This tool can be used to create advanced, customized reports based on your farm data in 360. You may select maps and graphics to show, compare, add comments, etc.

Each report can be configured using different page types, generated using predefined templates and modified according to the layers and contents that you want to publish. You can choose the map you want to show and add comments. These are the available page types:

Report front page.png Front page: The first page in the report.
One layer report page.png One layer: You can use this type of page to include information for a particular single layer from your project.
Two layers report page.png Two layers: You may choose up to two layers in the project and compare them. Maps will be shown, along with the corresponding map layers.
Productivity map report page.png Productivity map by field: It creates a report specific to Productivity map layers showing the map and the legend, plus tables and graphs of both segregated and accumulated data.
Yield map by field report page.png Yield map by field: It creates a specific report for "Yield map" layers, showing the yield map by points, polygons and the speed map, with the corresponding legends.
Yields by zone by field report page.png Yields by zone by field: It combines data from both maps (productivity and yield) and provides you with the yield numbers for each productivity zone.

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