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Then login in GeoAgro CPlanner, you'll see the following window:

Costumer folder.jpg

The Customer Folder Search screen has:

  • Main Menu Bar: this bar includes tools for managing customer folders. It will allow you to check out folders, download them in read-only mode, undo check out, check the folders back in, redo check out, among other things. It is always located in the upper side of your GeoAgro CPlanner window.
  • Configuration options: in this option you would reload resources and configure the proxy server, if there is one in your local network.
  • Context Help: shows  context help, specific for each of  GeoAgro CPlanner screens.
  • Search Bar: the Search bar will help you locate your customer folders. To perform a  customer folder search, use the "County" combo box to select the county where your folder is located. Once the search is complete, your "Folders in NRCS server" panel will refresh, showing you the folders available in the county you selected. 
  • Folders in NRCS servers: the Folders in NRCS server panel will show you the list of customer folders available for your user in a particular county. Folders colored in pink are checked out, either by you or other users; that means unless you checked them out, you won't be able to edit them. Folders colored in green are available for check out, that means you are able to download them for editing.
  • Local folders: the folders in the Local Folders will show you the list of customer folders available locally in your computer. Folders colored in pink have been downloaded in read-only mode, that means you won't be able to edit them. A folder colored in light green is a folder you already checked out; that means you will be able to edit it and upload your modifications to the NRCS servers.
  • Status Bar: the status bar on the lower side of the screen informs you of the status of your operations. It´s very important, since it gives you feedback on whether an operation ws successful or not. You may modify its size or scroll to see older status messages.


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