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This tool will give you web access to all the services processed for your farm.

Farm navigation.jpg

Clicking on this tool will take you to the screen below:

Farm navigation2.jpg

Any of these panels and bars can be collapsed clicking in the Editing in 360 1.jpg button. This will help you gain on screen space.

360's Navigation window includes these parts:

1. Reference panel

When you access the Navigation window, you'll find the Reference panel in the left side of your screen. In this panel you'll find:

  • Farm data: farms, fields, crops and no-crop zones.
  • Base layers: satellite imagery, roads, terrain.
  • Base map: NDVIs of the farm.
  • Samples: including points from your field samples, taken with GNote

These layers can be shown or hidden by checking or unchecking the checkboxes next to them.

You may also:

2. Navigation bar

These tools allow you to manage your map view: set your zoom, pan and measure.

3. Zoom

Use these tools to zoom all over your map. Use these icons to:

Navegacion en Campo 360 1.jpgZoom in your work area.

Navegacion en Campo 360 2.jpgZoom out of your work area.

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