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Do not know how to begin using GeoAgro GIS? Never used a geographic information system? You're in the right place!


The course is oriented to provide the tools and documentation necessary to begin using the software from scratch, as you move forward you can download test data for real applications.

What we expect from this course is that our users can be trained in the use of the tools at their own pace and in the simplest way possible. Our mission is that the content is clear, concise, interesting and relevant to the work of our users.

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A Course describes processes that are usually carried out on a computer, using tools such as GIS or a spreadsheet. They can be comprised of topics raging from an Initial level such as to learn basic topics in GIS to specialized agricultural procedures.

The Courses are comprised by Learning Guides and those by Exercises, going from the general to the particular. The Learning Guides first gives a quick tour on the proposed topics, using videos and / or slideshows.

Then you can proceed with the Exercises listed, these are detailed and step by step guides for an in-depth coverage of the topics.

Here are listed the Course's Learning Guides sorted by level of complexity, we recommend following this hierarchy.

Learning Guides

Initial Level

1 Getting started: How to start using GeoAgro GIS

2 Exploring Maps: Navigation Panel

Intermediate Level

3 Map Edition: Edition Panel

4 Gathering Data on Field: GPS Module

Advanced Level

5 Add Supplementary Information: Interaction Module