Create a new project

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1. To start GeoAgro GIS, double clicking your desktop icon. You may also start it from your Windows® Start menu. GIS gis Init 03 01.jpg

2. The Projects Panel will show up. Select the projects main folder and click on Create.


3. A window will pop up and you need to enter the new project name.


4. If you selected "Retrieve startup data for your proyect" , a screen will open allowing you to select and download the initial dataset for your State or Region.

We define startup data as a set of background layers such as imagery or administrative divisions for your State, and predefined layers, where you can then locate and start working on your farm. If you select this option, the project will also be considered as related to farming activities (and it will include certain data fields such as Farm name, in the predefined layers)

5. If you do not select the previous option, the system will ask you if the project is related to farming activities.

If you choose Yes, predefined information structures will be automatically loaded in order to work with farming data layers (this is the recommended setting).

If you choose No, the structures will not be loaded and you need to import or create them.


6. If you want to start working with the new project, select it and click on Accept.