Creating, presenting and sharing your farm information 20110623

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About the webinar

This webinar is the second session in the course "Introduction to GIS for Farm and Land Management ".

  • Using drawing tools to create your farm layout
  • Communicate with maps, using symbology and labels
  • Creating commonly used maps – soils, topo, fields, etc.
  • Common Map Layouts used in NRCS Conservation Plans - Printout your maps or export as images
  • Export/import information in different formats.
  • Exchange layers or entire projects in single files
  • Share farm information using Google Earth

Panelists & Participants

Panelists included:

  • Ed Di Pollina, GeoAgro Team Leader

Video recording

Part 1 - Basic editing tools


Download link

Part 2 - Data Creation Tools


Download link

Part 3 - Communicating with maps


Download link

Part 4 - Share your farm information


Download link