Creating buffers or setbacks

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In order to create two different buffers or setbacks in the same field, we’d suggest you following the steps below:

Let’s say that we need to create a setback like this one:


1. Make active the layer that contains the fields by clicking on it. Click HERE to see “Layer Status”.


2. Select the field you need to apply the setback using the point selection tool Image:Creating_buffers_or_setbacks_-_03.jpg. Click HERE for more information on “Selection” tools.


3. Go to the Objects Panel and select the “Offset” tool.


4. We will create a 30’ setback in a new layer called “Buffers & Setbacks” as shows the picture below. Once it’s done, click on “Accept”.

Image:Creating_buffers_or_setbacks_-_06.jpg    Image:Creating_buffers_or_setbacks_-_07.jpg

5. Now, we will create a 50’ setback. Click on “Accept” when is ready.

Image:Creating_buffers_or_setbacks_-_08.jpg    Image:Creating_buffers_or_setbacks_-_09.jpg

6. Select the last created setback, then, click on the “Edit Object” tool on the Objects Panel and after that, select “Buffers & Setbacks” in the Snap Option.

Image:Creating_buffers_or_setbacks_-_10.jpg    Image:Creating_buffers_or_setbacks_-_11.jpg

7. Move the four nodes of the last setback conveniently, as explained in the images below. Click HERE for more information on “Edit Objects”.

Image:Creating_buffers_or_setbacks_-_12.jpg    Image:Creating_buffers_or_setbacks_-_13.jpg

Image:Creating_buffers_or_setbacks_-_14.jpg    Image:Creating_buffers_or_setbacks_-_15.jpg

8. As last step, delete the first setback and we will obtain the desirable rectangle. Click HERE for more information on “Delete Objects”.