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{{#customtitle: What is the Directory Structure for CPlanner's Document Exchange Tab? | What is the Directory Structure for CPlanner's Document Exchange Tab?}} 

When you go to the Document Exchange tab in CPlanner, you will see a folder structure defined by NRCS, as shown in the following screenshot.

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This structure is shared with the NRCS District conservationist and it may contain the following information:

Plan_Maps Legacy Access databases and shapefiles formerly used.
ArcGIS_Projects Toolkit 2004 ArcGIS map document files.
ToolkitGIS_template.mxd (ArcGIS project template file).
Map product information specific to maps created for the customer.
Contract_Reports Contract spreadsheets.
Other contract-related documents.
Status review documents
Determinations Wetland determination spatial data.
Digital photos.
GPS data related to determinations.
Transmittal letters for HEL determinations.
Other determination-related documents.
CAD or survey data and designs.
Digital photos.
Engineering-related documents.
GSAT GSAT Data for planned, alternative or benchmark land units and Practices.
Plan_Reports Conservation Activity Plans final reports and related documents should be uploaded to this directory

Soils maps.
Site-specific resource spatial data.
GPS data for resource inventory.

Digital photos.
Clipped resource maps.
Exported Layouts from Toolkit/ArcView 3.x Projects.