During installation, Microsoft Web Service (WSE) can not be downloaded

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During the installation process, GeoAgro GIS verifies if you have installed in your machine Microsoft WebService (WSE). If not, it will donwload and install it from the official Microsoft site.

If this download is not completed successfully, you can follow the next steps to solve the problem:

  1. Download the Microsoft WebService (WSE) from the following link: Microsoft WebService (WSE)

  2. Once it has been downloaded, double click to execute it.
    400px-Wse3 1.jpg

  3. Click on Next(Next) to begin with the installation.

  4. Click on the option I accept the terms of the License Agreenment and then click on Next.
    Wse3 2.jpg

  5. Click on the option Runtime and then on Next.
    Wse3 3.jpg

  6. Click on Install.
    Wse3 4.jpg

  7. When the installation is completed, click on Finish.
    Wse3 5.jpg

  8. Finally double click on the GeoAgro GIS icon to start it and activate your license.