Error when using the Delete Overlaps tool

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Problem description

You are trying to follow the regular procedure for Deleting overlaps: selecting the item you want to modify, then opening the "Delete overlaps" tool. However, you receive an error message saying "Our apologies, an unexpected error has occurred. This error will be fixed in the next version of GeoAgro GIS"

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Problem type (GAGIS feature, Bug, Procedure)

There are three types of Troubleshooting guides: Feature for missing functionality, Bug for erroneous behavior and Procedure for procedural solving. This is a bug that will be fixed in our next release. However, you may work around this by following the steps below.

Feature Bug Procedure


Solution - Select any other item in the layer before selecting the one you want to modify

  1. Before selecting the item you want to edit, choose the layer where the item you want to edit is. Then, select all items within the layer with the Select All tool Select All 2.3.21 01.PNG.
  2. Remove your selection with the Remove Selection tool GIS gis Navi 01g 01.jpg
  3. Select the item you want to edit, then proceed with using the "Delete overlaps" tool normally