Field sampling in Precision farming cycle

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Field sampling is the fifth stage in the Precision farming cycle. Soil samplings are taken and sent to the lab for analysis; those results, along with the experience from those familiar with the field and the notes and knowledge gathered from the productivity maps and field validation are used to define the management zones for each field.

Input data

  • Productivity maps
  • Notes from the field validation
  • Samples in GNote


  • Tools: GNote, 360.

Field sampling

Field samples are taken each time you reach an area where the management zone is not clear. Management zones are areas with reasonably similar productivity, which can be grouped and get similar treatment (fertilization, etc)

Georeferencing samples

Each sample taken must be georeferenced. You may use GNote's sampling tool in your smartphone to do this.

Synchronizing your samples

When your field visit's completed and you're in a location with an internet connnection, synchronize your visit data to store it into 360.

Send your samples to the lab

All samples must be sent to the lab for analysis. Those results will be useful to define management zones.

Protocol for implementing the Precision Farming cycle

1. Validation of georeferencing   2. Base info   3. Productivity map   4. Management zones definition   5. Variable Input prescription map   6. Application map   7. Yield map