Find Objects (GPS)

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To find and select objects based on certain attributes.

This tool allows finding elements according to a criteria predefined by the user.

1. Click on the “Find Objects” icon. A window will come up and you need to define:


Layer: Select the layer in which you want to perform the searching operation. It can be visible or not.

Attribute: Those are all the attributes associated to the layer that you will considerate when you want to perform a searching.

Wording: This is the logic condition that will be used for the searching.

If the selected attribute comprises numerical data, the wording can be: “Equal”, “Greater than”, “Smaller than”, “Greater or equal”, “Smaller or equal”, “Not equal” and “Between”.
If the selected attribute comprises alphanumeric data, the wording can be: “Contains”, “Equal” and “Not equal”.

Value: This is the wording that complements the data for search.
You can enter the value by typing it.

2. Select “Find”. The found objects will be shown on the screen.

3. If you wish to perform a new search and remove the selection of the previous one, click on the “Remove Selection” check box. Otherwise, if you want to keep it and add the new selection, disable the option.