General Tab

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This panel summarizes the general information of the selected layer:

Data: It shows and allows to modify the path, name, group and visibility scale of the active layer.


Name: It shows the current name of the layer. You can change it by entering a new name in the Name field.

Group: It shows the current group to which the layer belongs. If you want to move it to another group, select the new location from the drop-down list.

Scale 1 in…: It allows to define a scale range in which the layer is visible. This makes the application work faster.
For instance, if you define a scale “From” 100.000 “To” 5.000, it means that in a scale higher than 1:100.000 and lower than 1:5.000, the layer will not be shown.
If you want the layer to be visible at any scale, enter “0” in both “From” and “To” fields.

Path: It shows the location of the layer, and the path of the project and sub-project. If you want to, you can move the layer to another existing sub-project or move it to a new sub-project.


1. Click on Path. A window will come up showing the layer location. Select the new location and then click on Accept.


2. If you want to move the layer to a new sub-project, select the project in which you will create the new sub-project and click on Create and enter its name.


3. Select the recently created sub-project and click on Accept. The layer will be relocated in the sub-project.


Information: It indicates the type of objects contained in the layer. They can be polygons, lines, points or images.
You will notice that the associated structure is shown at the bottom, as well as the structure fields and their description.