How can I view map layers in my smartphone?

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We are going to review an example using an Iphone .

The process may differ slightly in smartphones with other operating systems, such as Android.

The .kml/.kmz format is used by Google Earth/Google maps format to store geographic information. (see What is the .kmz format?) There are a couple of ways to view .kmz files in an Iphone:

Using Google Earth

First, install google Earth in your smartphone - you may use this link. Also, you need to have internet connection to be able to use this option.

Second, you will need to have a .kmz file available from an online location. You have two options for this purpose:

  • use the Google 'my maps feature' . This will allow you to import a .kmz file into your own personalized content
  • use GeoAgro Farm information services, which will be available during the Summer 2011. Using these services, your information layers exported to .kmz from GeoAgro GIS (see how), or information layers delivered by GeoAgro in .kmz format, can be opened directly in google earth in the smartphone.

To see how accessing a sample layer using the 'my maps feature' would work, follow these steps:

  • Start Google Earth, click on the 'info' icon, in the lower right corner

  • go to my maps account - enter the following credentials: user: [email protected], password: rc4nob00
  • turn on the layer 'Sample Farm_Remote Sensing', click on 'Done'

  • you should see the sample productivity map in your screen.