How do I connect to a webinar

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To connect to a webinar, you need to have already signed up. Assuming you already have, you should have received an email thanking you for signing up, and information to connect.

This is how it looks like, and the information we need to connect:


  1. Link to connect: this is the link you need to connect to the webinar. When the start time for the webinar comes, you need to click on this link to connect.
  2. Audio connection: Information on different types of audio connection you may use. This is reviewed in depth in this article.

First thing you need to do is to connect to the webinar, by using the link above. It will open a browser window that will look like this:


Click on "Launch Software". A window will show up informing you the application's launching:


A security warning like the one below may show up. Please click on "Run"


After this, you will see a couple of windows downloading and connecting to the webinar. You will have connected to the webinar when you see a panel like the one below show up in your screen.


If the webinar hasn't already started, you will see a window like this:


Wait for a couple of minutes, the webinar will be about to start.