How do I set up my webinar audio connections

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{{#customtitle:How do I set up my webinar audio connections?|How do I set up my webinar audio connections?}}

There's two ways for you to connect your audio to the webinar. You can use either headset and microphone, or by a phone call.

  • To find out how to connect with a headset and microphone, please refer to[this article] in the GoToWebinar/GoToMeeting support guide.
  • To connect by phone, you need to go back to the email response you received when you signed up to the webinar.


Under your audio connections, you will see the phone number you need to call to. You will be asked for your access code (also shown in the message above) and an audio pin. The Audio pin is only shown after you have connected to the webinar, so please wait till you are already connected to do this.

How do I get my Audio PIN?

In the Audio Section of your GoToWebinar panel (the one that shows up when you connect to a webinar as shown in this article), on "Audio Mode", select "Use Telephone". The Audio Pin will appear.