How to create advanced reports in 360

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Warning Warning: This type of reports is only available for the Precision farming cycle service and the GeoAgro Paks

This guide will show you how to create a new advanced report:

  1. Click on the "Advanced report" option in the Reports section.
    How to create advanced reports 01.png

  2. Enter the name you want to use for your report, then click on SUBMIT.
    How to create advanced reports 02.png

  3. A list will show up displaying the different page types you may include in your report. Select the page type of your choice, then click on CREATE.
    How to create advanced reports 03.png

  4. You will then see the Advanced Reports editing menu, which can be used to manage the pages in your report. Click on the page name to edit its options.
    How to create advanced reports 04.png

  5. Edit the options for each page in your report. These are the page types you may use:
  6. In the lower area you will find the options menu:
    • Save: saves the modifications and goes back to the Avanced reports editing menu
    • Save and add page: saves any modifications, then shows the different page types, in order to add a new page.
    • Delete: removes the complete report.
    • View report: opens a new browser tab to show your report so far.