How to draw farm by entering GPS coordinates in 360

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From a georefercing standpoint, the most accurate way to enter your farm and fields in 'Farm360 is to do it by entering the GPS coordinates of its endpoints.

Endpoint coordinates may be expressed in:

  • degrees and decimal degrees.
  • degrees, minutes and decimal minutes.
  • degrees, minutes, seconds and decimal seconds.

If you have such coordinates, you may import them into Farm360 using the Add GPS coordinates and have your farm/field perimeter drawn.

These are the steps to enter your coordinates:

1. Click the Add GPS coordinates tool; you may find it in the right side of your screen, in the Edit bar.


2. In the Add coordinates window you'll be able to choose the format for your GPS endpoint coordinates:


Bear in mind that it's very important to pick the right format. Available formats are:

  • DD.DDDDD (degrees and decimal degrees), if your coordinates are expressed like this: 52.127383º
  • DD MM.MMM (degrees, minutes and decimal minutes), if your coordinates are expressed like this: 52º 7.643'
  • DD MM SS.SS (degrees, minutes, seconds and decimal seconds), if your coordinates are expressed this way: 52º 7' 38.6"

3. Next, enter the coordinates for your first endpoint, by clicking in Add new coordinate, then entering your latitude in the Latitude field and your longitude in the Longitude field.


Things to consider when entering your coordinates:

  • Western hemisphere coordinates are negative; this means the number must be preceeded by the minus sign (-). The same goes for coordinates in the southern hemisphere.
  • To delimit decimals you will use a point (.)
  • To separate degrees, minutes and seconds values you will only use a single blank space (you won't use º, ' or " ). For instance, if you're entering coordinate -59º 38' 12,444", you must enter -59 38 12.444

4. Repeat the previous step until you have entered coordinates for all points. You need to enter a minimum of 3 points to draw a polygon

5. Once you have completed entering all your GPS coordinates from all your farm/field endpoints, click on the Send button; your farm/field will be automatically drawn in Farm360 by connecting every point you entered.


Bear in mind that, because the polygon is drawn by connecting points entered, it is very important to enter them in the right sequence.

6. Finally, click on the Save tool.