How to draw freehand in 360

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If you don't have your farm or fields georeferenced, you'll have to draw them freehand.

In such cases, you'll have to use these tools: Zoom areaPan  and Add new object from Farm 360.  Remember that, if you draw your farm or fields this way, the resulting drawing georreferenciation may vary its accuracy, depending on the background imagery and zoom used.

The steps to draw your farm or fields freehand in Farm 360 are:

1. Select the layer where you'll be drawing (the Farms layer if you're drawing a farm, or Fields in case you're drawing fields).

F360 Draw freehand 1.jpg

2. Locate your farm and field zones in your map using the Zoom area and Pan tools.

3. Using the Add new object tool in the Edit bar you'll be able to draw your farm or fields by clicking the location of each endpoint.

FSC add item.jpg

To do this, you'll have to:

a) With your mouse, left click in the precise location of the first farm or field endpoint you'd like to enter.

b) Left click the location of your next endpoint.

c) Repeat these steps until you are nearly done. To enter your final endpoint, double click with your left mouse button in its location.

To assist you in your drawing, Farm 360 will snap your cursor to any preexisting object; similar to the Snap tool in GeoAgro GIS.

4. Finally, click the Save tool.