How to hold a webinar

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What is a webinar?

A Webinar, or Web Seminar, consists of a presentation of a topic over the Internet. For a detailed description, visit this article. Webinars can be an efficient tool to share experiences within a user community, and is being widely adopted by Private, Government and NGO Organizations.

How can webinars be included in Wikiagro?

Webinars can be re-broadcasted within Wikiagro, as shown in this article //add link. You can upload your webinar to wikiagro just like any other Video Presentation, following the guidelines in this article

What tools can you use to hold a Webinar?

If you are interested in holding a Webinar, you can use any commercial service, such as the ones provided by Adobe Acrobat Connect, Citrix Online, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, or WebEx, to name a few.

In case you are working with GeoAgro, you may use Citrix online's service Gotowebinar. If so, please contact GeoAgro at [email protected] for assistance.

Best practices for a successful webinar

Holding a successful webinar requires attention to several details. If you are an organizer, we suggest to follow the practices detailed in this Gotowebinar link

These are other links with useful recommendations: Present Online like a Pro, Becoming an Online presenter