How to import your drawing from a kmz/kml file in 360

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You may also georeference your farm and fields in 360 by importing this data from a .KML or .KMZ file. You can do it with the Import kml/kmz file tool.

The steps to import a .kml/.kmz file are:

1. Click on the Import kml/kmz file tool, located in the right side of your screen, among the tools in your editing panel


2. Select the layer where you'll be importing your .kml/.kmz file data:


3. You will now need to select your .kml/.kmz file. Click in the Choose file button (A)  then pick your file. It will now show up right beside the button(B):


4. Then, you must click on the UPLOAD button to upload.


This way, your farm or field boundaries will be imported into 360.

5. Finally, click on the save tool to save your changes.