How to import your drawing from a shapefile in 360

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An alternative to georeference your farm and fields in Farm360 is to import a it from a shapefile

If you already have your farm or field data in a GIS, you may export those layers to a shapefile, then import them into Farm360 using the Import shapefile tool.

If you are a GeoAgro GIS user, you may export your farm and field layers to a shapefile using the Export layers tool.

To import your shapefiles into Farm360, you need to follow these steps:

1. Click the Import shapefile, located in the right side of your screen, in your Edit bar


2. Choose the destination layer for your your shapefiles:

F360 import shape 1.jpg

3. Next, you'll have to select each file in your shapefile (extensions .SHP, .SHX, .DBF and optionally .PRJ). Click on the Choose file button (A)  then pick the file. It will show up right beside the button (B):

F360 import shape 2.jpg

4. Once you have selected all files in your shapefile(C), click on the UPLOAD button to upload (D).

F360 import shape 3.jpg

Your farm or field boundaries will be imported into Farm360.

5. Finally, click on the Save tool to save your changes.