How to install ODK Collect

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The first step in the Field sampling process is installing the ODK Collect app available in Google Play in your mobile device. This app will allow you to use forms to take samples in each point in your field visit.

Warning Warning: These are the requirements for installing ODK Collect:
  • Android 2.X or superior
  • A Google Play account
  • A working internet connection

Enabling ODK in

  1. Go to your desktop PC and log in
  2. Open this link, then click in Confirm.
    Installing ODK collect 01.jpg
  3. When you log in again, you'll receive a message confirming ODK has been enabled.
    Installing ODK collect 02.jpg

Installing ODK in your mobile device

  1. Again, go to your desktop PC and open this link to access ODK Collect. If you haven't done it yet, log in using your Google account.
  2. Install ODK Collect in the device of your choice, the same way you would install any other app.
  3. Once installation has been completed, ODK Collect should be available in your app drawer.
    Installing ODK collect 06.png
Field sampling

1. Installing ODK Collect   2.Setting up ODK Collect   3.Downloading forms   4.Using forms   5. Syncing forms   6. Associating data to a 360 farm