How to purchase in 360

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This guide will show you how to complete a purchase in 360.

Purchases in 360 are done through the Shopping cart. It's divided into three steps: Product review to check the items you ordered; the Checkout, where you'll enter your billing information; and finally, the Order review, where you'll be able to review your order, your billing information and provide the final confirmation for your purchase. These steps are described below:

  1. In the first step, Product review, you can review your shopping cart and confirm the order.
    If you have a Discount Coupon you can enter it in COUPON CODE(A) and then click on 'APPLY TO ORDER' (B)
    To confirm your request, you would click on CHECKOUT (C)
    FSC requestPFC2.jpg
  2. In step no. 2, Checkout, you'll be able to enter your billing information. Make sure of:
    • Checking if the username chosen for ordering the service is correct (A).
    • Entering the billing information (B).
    • If you have a coupon code for the service, make sure you've entered it (C), then click on Apply to purchase(D).
    • Choosing the payment method(E).
    • Adding comments if you need it (F).
      Once you've entered this data, click on Review order(G).
      How to order in 360 1.jpg
  3. Finally, in step no3., Review order, click on Submit order to complete the process.
    How to order in 360 2.jpg