How to take your sample points to GNote

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This guide will show you how to download sample points created in GeoAgro GIS to your mobile device using GNote.

  1. First, open a GeoAgro GIS project and create a new vector layer using the "Field sampling" structure
    Sample points GNote 01.png
  2. Then, add your sample points to your map
    Sample points GNote 02.png
  3. Then, save your changes and use the layer backup tool to export your field sampling layer to a .lay file
    GIS gis Edit 10 01.jpg
  4. Open your web browser, then go to 360 and open any of your Precision farming cycles.
    Sample points GNote 03.png
  5. Once inside the Precision farming cycle, click the import data tool.
  6. Use this tool to import the points layer you created in #3.
  7. Go to your mobile device and open GNote. Choose the correct farm.
    Sample points GNote 04.png
  8. Select the Go to tool and download the field sampling layer uploaded in #6 (A). Click on Save to save the points to your device (B).
    Go to 03.png
  9. Open the navigation tool. The points from your layer will be available in your map.
    Sample points GNote 06.png