I've drawn a feature but it's not visible

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Problem description

You have drawn a feature on a layer, but it's not visible on the map.

Problem type (Feature, Bug, Procedure)

Type of problem:

Feature Bug Procedure


There are three types of Troubleshooting guides: Feature for missing functionality, Bug for erroneous behavior and Procedure for procedural solving.

In this case is something that you can solve through a simple procedure, as explained below.


There may be a couple of reasons and ways to fix this problem:

  1. There may be an image above the layer where you are drawing. To see how this works, please review this article: Layers order 
    You may fix this by changing the order of the layers, as described in this article: Change layers and  Change layers and layer groups order 
  2. Another reason is that the active layer on which you are drawing it's invisible. Please review this article on Layer Status  to find out more. In that article you will also find out how to make it visible.

If this does not fix your issue, please send a screenshot (how to send a screenshot) to [email protected]