Information about Narratives and Conservation Practices

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GeoAgro CPlanner connects to the NRCS National Conservation Planning Database (NCPDB), providing access to each Customer Folder and available lists of Practices, management systems, narratives, and other items, to facilitate development of Conservation Plans. See GeoAgro CPlanner Overview

What information on Conservation Practices and Narratives is available?

Conservation Practices and Narratives available in the NCPDB will depend on the State. The Technical Service Provider (TSP) should select a narrative that best fits their situation and then append any additional information that may be needed for clarification. When using CPlanner, the New Item Feature allows to enter additional Notes when entering a new Practice.

Can a TSP add/change a Narrative?

TSPs may discuss narratives with the DC, however the TSP should not expect NRCS to change narratives to meet their particular needs.Narratives are usually developed for use over a large geographical area, so site specific information will probably not be included.

How are Practice Codes and National Narratives maintained?

Practice codes and national narratives are maintained by national data stewards through the Conservation Practice Standards (CPS). State data stewards select which of the national practices will be used in their state and can also add state narratives, also through the CPS. The CPS is updated at the national and state level when needed.

Does a change in Practice Codes and National Narratives affect existing Conservation Plans?

Changes to CPS by national or state data stewards does not automatically change codes in existing conservation plans. A TSP could come across a conservation plan that contains practices or narratives that are not currently available on the choice list. This is acceptable, however the TSP will have to use the latest list of practice codes available in CPlanner for new planning.