Issues importing a GIS backup file

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Listed below are some issues that can occur when you import a project backup file (gis extension files) and possible solutions to them.

Renamed file

When you import the project backup file, it must have the original file extension. (gis).

We noticed that in some cases in some systems, when downloading the file, it is renamed with the extension . zip. or .rar


If this is the case, then just rename it with the right extension ".gis"and try to import it again.

Corrupted file

It is possible that the file has been corrupted when downloaded from our servers, this can occur due to a micro internet connection failure from the client side.


Please download the file again (gis extension file) and try to import it using the new file.

Note Note: If you still have problems with the file, you should use a download manager such as FlashGet.

Steps to follow:

  • Go to , click on 'Download'. Then install Flashget.
  • Copy to the clipboard the URL provided by GeoAgro.
  • Using Flashget: Press the F4 function key > Paste the URL in the URL box. > Click OK. The file will be downloaded intermediately.
  • When finished downloading, right click on the file and select 'Open Destination Directory'
  • This is the location of the new downloaded file, please try to restore it again.