Issues with Land Unit Boundaries

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When a TSP downloads a customer folder from the NRCS and tries to export land unit boundaries to GeoAgro GIS (see learning guide: Getting Land Unit boundaries from the NRCS), there may be issues such as missing or incorrect boundaries.

The following sections cover possible issues:

What if the NRCS Land Unit Boundaries are different to the Producer's Fields?

There may be some cases in which the Land unit boundaries downloaded from the NRCS are different than those defined by the user. In those cases, the recommended steps are:

  1. Notify your NRCS Point of Contact (in general, the local DC – Field Staff)
  2. Review modifications to the land units layout and numbering/naming of fields
  3. After modifications are agreed, you may edit your boundaries by following this learning guide: Digitizing land features

What if there are no land unit boundaries available in the customer folder?

Case 1: A new plan with no existing planned practices

If the TSP is working with a new plan (no existing planned practices), the TSP can add/modify the land units as needed.

Case 2: A plan with existing planned practices but there are No land unit boundaries are available

If the TSP is working with a plan that already has practices scheduled, either previously by the TSP or by NRCS, any changes to the land units will need to be discussed with NRCS. This communication is needed because the land units may be linked to contracted practices or NRCS progress reports. NRCS can also review any land unit changes prior to approving the plan in Toolkit after the TSP has checked it back into the database.
In those cases, the TSP may request the NRCS Point of Contact (in general, the local DC – Field Staff) for assistance. At the minimum, the DC will upload Common Land Units corresponding to the Customer Folder. Optionally, the DC may also attribute the Land Units, for more complete information.