My layer labels are showing, but the features (lines or points) are not

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Problem description

You have a layer, where the labels are shown, but the layer features, such as lines, polygons or points are not visible. For instance, this is an image where soil map units show labels, but not the soil boundaries, as in the following figure.

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Problem type (GAGIS feature, Bug, Procedure)

There are three types of Troubleshooting guides: Feature for missing functionality, Bug for erroneous behavior and Procedure for procedural solving. In this case is something that you can solve through a simple procedure, as explained below.

Feature Bug Procedure


Solution - change the order of the layers to put your layer not showing features on top of imagery layers

The reason for this problem might be that in the reference panel, the layer is below an imagery layer. In the example above, the 'Soils' layer is below the 'Naip Imagery' layer


The solution is to drag your layer to put it on top of the imagery layer


then, your features should be visible.

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If it doesn't work, check if there might be other imagery layers on top.