New Music, New Rap Fashion: Meet up with PonyPak

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With ten many years of road battles and night time club gigs behind him, Chicago rapper and hip-hop artist PonyPak is now a veteran in his field. His new CD launch, Terms Are Energy: Volume one, is trailblazing a exclusive design of Rap songs

PonyPak started DJ-ing and mixing house music tapes when he was in the eighth grade. That early start helped him create a design that is pure PonyPak: thought-provoking, non-violent and perceptive lyrics set to the most popular beats coming out of Chi-Town. Followers won't locate any profanity in PonyPak's words. It is not his type. City Intelligence is the concept he wants to express to his big following, each younger and previous. A current Channel 19 Access performance in Chicago captivated a file variety of viewers ranging from university learners to thirty-somethnig pros.

The 12 unique tracks that make up Phrases Are Energy: Volume one are stuffed with uncooked honesty sheathed in hope. The opening observe, This is Chicago, pays homage to PonyPak's hometown and its deep-rooted men and women. By contacting out avenue names and neighborhoods and using slang like "land of the ballers and champagne callers," he provides a nod to the nearby scene. The use of 'mafia sound' and Spanish guitar is also a tribute to Chi's abundant heritage and diversity. הפיוז

Slang-A-Ball is a reality- based, slamming city narrative about increasing up in the shadow of hustling - the entice of offering dope tempered by knowing the consequences. Meanwhile, Mack Remember to fuses vintage jazz with today's audio. The lower functions various tracks each blended with a verbal back again scratch. The jazz variation provides a mellow vibe against a easy rap although the 2nd fifty percent starts off with a verbal back again scratch that leads to the legendary "diamond in the again, sunlight roof prime, digging the scene with a gangster lean" vibe.

On Do not Harm 'Em, PonyPak places the bass in your experience, replicating a large automobile thumping defeat with 'electronika' toys in the background. They are paired with cocksure lyrics like as "My verbal neurotoxins wipe out your body language, and rip apart paragraphs with lyrical anguish." At the other stop of the spectrum, Splash proves a showcase for deep house audio from the underground sounds of Chicago, that includes city rhyming with syncopated seems of outdated college.

The True Mc Coy has a deep soul R&B seem merged with deep blues and a rap style that is clean and engaging. On Splash II Remix, a thumping dance track merges with hot urban rhyming lyrics and metaphorical language and requires residence music to another degree with a great motif synthesizer and an natural keyboard dance seem.

Headz Up spotlights PonyPak as MC producer with a rock-influenced direct guitar and heavy drum dynamics with an A Capella ending that adds to the song's uniqueness. Self-Manage takes the listener deep into PonyPak's philosophical lyrics read in excess of a west coastline R&B seem. In the meantime, Mack two swings the temper to a Latin reggae dance vibe although Eternity maintains that reggae vibe using a awesome movement and a wonderful use of rhyme and alliteration with a killer baseline.