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The Reports tool allows you to generate a report from your customer folder. Currently, it generates reports similar to the NRCS Toolkit reports, an internal tool used by NRCS to develop conservation plans.

To generate the reports follow this steps:

1. Select a plan, tract, land unit or practice.

2. Click on Reports button.

Reports 1.jpg


3. You'll see the report odered by plan, tracts and practices. The screen is divided into three different parts. Right below the screen you will see the Reports Toolbar. Below and to the left, you will see the items of the report (plans, tracts and practices). To the right, you will see the report.Reports 2.jpg

4. To export the report, click on Export Report button, select the folder where you'll save the report, enter the report name and finally select the file type (.xls, .doc, .pdf) and save it.

 Reports 3.jpg