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{{#customtitle:How to request the creation of an article|CHow to request the creation of an article}}There's two different ways for you to create an article; you may create it yourself, or you may request for its creation.
In this page, you will be able to request the creation of an article; to create an article yourself, refer to Create article.

Suggest a topic for an article

You may not find an article that suits your needs. However, you may ask an editor to write one. You may use this page to suggest a topic.

To carry this out, please enter the title of your suggested article, then click on Send!. You will be redirected to a page where you'll be able to add further detail to your request.

<createarticle> type=createarticle default=Requested article title article/ buttonlabel=Send! align=left width=70 br=no </createarticle>
Here's a list of the articles that have been requested so far.