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About the webinar

This webinar is the sixth and final session in the course "GIS resources for farm management".

  • Review farm history using information from previous crop seasons (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index - NDVI)
  • Using NDVI for Monitoring crop health, scouting, and yield estimations
  • Using Chlorophyll maps for in-season Nitrogen applications and evaluation of protein content
  • Using Productivity maps to manage crop Management zones in an economically efficient and environmentally manner
  • Review of other remote sensing products

Panelists & Participants

Panelists included:

  • Ed Di Pollina, GeoAgro Team Leader

Video recording

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



The following polls were carried out during the webinar:

Have you used remote sensing to support decisions in your farm?


What are the barriers that you've found in using Remote Sensing for your farm decisions?


What type of crops are you working with?


What would be relevant applications for NDVI in your case?


What would be relevant applications for productivity maps in your case?