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About the webinar

This webinar is the first session in the course "GIS resources for farm management".

This first session, an introduction to the course, dealt with the following topics:

  • Objectives of the course
  • How to use the e-learning system, how to use the knowledgebase (
  • GIS basics: What is a GIS? What is georeferenced information?
  • Why are geospatial technologies important for farm management? - GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, Guided equipment, and other technologies.
  • Overview of geospatial technologies that will be reviewed used during the course – GeoAgro GIS, Google Earth, remote sensing products.
  • Overview of data collection devices that will be reviewed during the course – GPS, tablets, and smartphones devices
  • Install GeoAgro GIS & Google Earth
  • Create a Project and add initial data for your State or Region

Panelists & Participants

Panelists included:

  • Ed Di Pollina, GeoAgro Team Leader

Video recording

Download Link

Participants Comments

The following comments were made by participants during the webinar....

What would you like to achieve from this course and the use of GIS resources?

  • I have been no-tilling for a few years, and using GPS technology in limited ways, but am ready to start mapping and do better soil sampling, and may look at variable rate seeding and fertilizing technology in the future
  • I am a producer and would like to understand better how to incorporate yield mapping with soil fertility information and crop health.
  • I would like to be able to evaluate if variable rate applications would actually be important to my East central Kansas farm
  • I work for a breeding facility that does not use GIS. I would like to learn how to incorporate GIS on our farm to more accurately collect data and improve efficiency.
  • file managenment with GIS systems, between them, and different layers
  • I am looking for a basic overview of how to use GIS technology and evaluate for potential in field research and farm planning
  • How to use variable rate techology in a manure nutrient management plan.
  • To figure out which layers are the most useful to make the decision of higher yielding vs. lower yielding areas.
  • A better understanding of how our companies products could fit in a VRT type application program.
  • I would like to further expand my knowledge of GIS resources. I feel like I have maxed myself out as to what I'm learning on my own and need a more structured way to learn.


The following polls were carried out during the webinar:

Do you use wikipedia?

Image: Webinar20110210_Poll1.png

How familiar are you with GIS tools?

Image: Webinar20110210_Poll2.png

What GIS tools for agriculture are you using?

Image: Webinar20110210_Poll3.png

Do you use GPS devices to collect data when going to the field?

Image: Webinar20110210_Poll4.png

Have you used your smartphone to view farm info?

Image: Webinar20110210_Poll5.png

Have you used remote sensing layers to support your farm decisions?

Image: Webinar20110210_Poll6.png

Do you use precision farming technology?

Image: Webinar20110210_Poll7.png