Setting up your farm GIS project 20110217

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About the webinar

This webinar is the second session in the course "GIS resources for farm management".

  • How is information projected in a map? / What type of data is used in a farm GIS?/ Standards used in GeoAgro GIS and Google Earth
  • Digitizing or importing field boundaries
  • Adding Imagery, web soil survey and other Land Resources Information to your project
  • Working with layers
  • Search, Explore, measure and query your maps

Panelists & Participants

Panelists included:

  • Ed Di Pollina, GeoAgro Team Leader

Video recording

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Participants Comments

The following comments were made by participants during the webinar....

What are your current imagery sources?

  • SSt got me images 3 for $5/a last summer
  • Currently I use both Farmworks and John Deere Apex software that gets the imagery from the net. I would like to get as current as possible with this new knowledge and software you are providing

How updated do you need imagery to be? what are your current applications?

  • I would prefer not older than 2 years as we are breaking lots of sod ground and it makes it easier to manage cropping units. We are using for recommendations, grid sampling, crop canopy densities.
  • Productivity, erodibility, runoff/hydrology etc.
  • for soil testing what ever is available. For scouting I want fresh images
  • As current as possible.... there are many patterns that can be seen through recent imagery
  • I utilize multiple year imagery to see patterns to tie with layers (soil, elevation) and presently will start using NIR/IR 1 meter imagery for in season health and potential VRT N application.
  • Annual Updated imagery would be very important for our projects where orchard blocks are being replanted over time

How do use soil data?

  • Fertilization and liming recommendations as well as soil sampling
  • Yield potential, help determine internal drainage for seed placement
  • I use it for writing nutrient management plans
  • Complete soil attributes for plan analysis
  • Mostly for historical purposes, relating previous cropping yield potential
  • Calculating the field's CSR rating (Iowa), creating management zones, determing areas for tiling
  • I use as base information, when we don't have EC information on the field. Helpful to understand what producers are working with.

What land resources info do you need to support your work? and how would you use it?

  • Crop Status - Erosion and flow patterns
  • Soil types and wetlands for conservation and fertilizer apps


The following polls were carried out during the webinar:

Are you familiar with shapefiles?

Webinar20110217 Poll1.png

Do you use the Web Soil Survey for your work?

Webinar20110217 Poll3.png

Can you obtain background imagery for your work?

Webinar20110217 Poll2.png