Course - Information Tools for Agriculture - Setting up your Farm GIS project

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About the webinar

This webinar is the introductory session to the course "Information Tools for Agriculture".

In the first presentation, the following topics were discussed:

A. Introduction

B. Course overview - a bird's eye view of the Course modules

C. Course methodology and e-learning resources

D. Basic concepts & Setting up your farm GIS project

Panelists & Participants

Panelists included:

  • Ed Di Pollina, GeoAgro Team Leader

Video recording

Download Link


The following polls were carried out during the webinar:

What technologies are your currently using for crop management?

Image: Webinar20101109_Poll1.png

Have you applied on-farm research concepts in your work?

Image: Webinar20101109_Poll4.png

Are you using a Site Specific Management approach?

Image: Webinar20101109_Poll2.png

Have you previously used e-learning methods?

Image: Webinar20101109_Poll3.png