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One of the first steps in your farm/land project is to access background imagery.

One of the options to access online Imagery in GeoAgro GIS, is the use of Commercial imagery services, such as the ones provided by Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Bing Maps (Microsoft).

These are services made available by Commercial companies, with varying levels of update and resolution.

Start a project in Iowa

First, create a sample project using the State of Iowa dataset, as detailed in this tutorial

Accessing available Imagery 

  1. Double Click on the 'States' layer to see a full view of the State

  2. Zoom in to the lower left corner of Hardin County

  3. Turn on the Image Base Layer in the lower left corner by clicking on the eye. The default layer is Google Satellite
    Base image.jpg

  4.   If it doesn't refresh, use the Pan tool Image:GIS_gis_Navi_02_01.jpg to move the view a bit, and refresh the imagery.You should now see aerial imagery from Google Satellite Maps.
    Iowa Bing MapsĀ®

  5. You can also use other imagery sources available, displayed when you click on the Image Base Layer dropdown.
    Base image dropdown.png

Saving your imagery to work offline

It's very important to be able to work with imagery offline. Once you have selected your project area, it's a good idea to save the imagery (aerials, topo or other) as offline layers, which will provide faster performance, or the ability to work disconnected from the internet from the field or other disconnected locations.

For this purpose you can use the save image option, and it will allow you to create a new layer with the viewed image for offline use.

Base image save.png

Warning Warning: Base images availability depends on external servers. This means that there may be times when these servers are not available