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Introduction & guidelines

A Transition to Organic System Plan is a conservation activity plan documenting decisions by producers who agree to implement a system of conservation practices which assist the producer to transition from conventional farming or ranching systems to an organic production system:

  1. Meets NRCS quality criteria for soil erosion, water quality, and other identified natural resource concerns;
  2. Addresses elements of a Organic System Plan (OSP) as defined in the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) Standards (;
  3. Complies with federal, state, tribal, and local laws, regulations and permit requirements;
  4. Documents the producer’s objectives and decisions for practice implementation during the transition period.

Note: The conservation activity plan may be used by producers to help support their efforts to become a certified operation, but this plan may not be used as a replacement for an Organic System Plan (OSP) as required by the National Organic Program.

Practice Code 138 - Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition Plan Development Criteria

Practice Code 138 - Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition Plan Checklist