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This toolbar includes tools that will enable you to manage your customer folders. It is always located in the upper side of your Cplanner window

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The tools in this toolbar are:

  • Conservation Plans: this tool allows you to add new conservation plans to your customer folder.
  • Land Units: this tool allows you to add new land units to your conservation plans.
  • Practices: this tool allows you to add new practices to your land units.
  • Remove items: The Remove item tool allows you to remove items (tracts, land units and practices) from your customer folder.
  • Check in: this tool allows users to upload to the NRCS servers the modifications made to a customer folder, which has already been checked out.
  • Save local: this tool allows you to locally save any modifications you might have made to your customer folder.
  • Reports: this tool allows you to generate a report from your customer folder. Currently, it generates reports similar to the NRCS Toolkit reports, an internal tool used by NRCS to develop conservation plans.
  • XML: this tool allows you to export customer folder data to a file in XML Format; it can be used to then import land units ifnormation intoGeoAgro GIS, or into University of Purdue's Manure Management Planner
  • Doc Xchange: this button will open a Document Xchange window, a shared document repository where you can upload your conservation plans related information to the NRCS. 
  • Close folder: this tool will close whatever customer folder you're in.


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