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#[[Results evaluation in Precision farming cycle|Results evaluation]]-->
#[[Results evaluation in Precision farming cycle|Results evaluation]]-->
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The Precision farming cycle comprises a series of activities and services to help producers implement site specific management practices. Deploying these technologies helps to make a more efficient use of seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals and other resources, while optimizing crop yields at the same time.

To access the Precision farming cycle, you must have previously ordered it via 360. This guide will show you the process.

Tasks manager and stages in the Precision farming cycle

The Precision farming cycle is presented in stages available in the Tasks manager as shown below:

Precision Farming Cycle 01.png

  1. Validation of georeferencing
  2. Base info
  3. Productivity map
  4. Management zones definition
  5. Variable input prescription map
  6. Application map
  7. Yield map


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