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{{#customtitle:Farm Services Center|Farm Services Center}}

The Farm Services Center in our website at www.geoagro.com allows you to:

  • Request services such as productivity maps, yield maps, NDVI and precission farming cycle.
  • Download the requested services
  • View and download reports based on each requested service.
  • Share service data with you teammates
  • Access your data from your web browser.

The following tutorials will show you how to use the Farm Services Center

1. Go to our website at www.geoagro.com

2. Click on the Farm Services Center link to enter.

FSC farm services center login.jpg

3. Log in

4. If this is the first time you request a service, you'll have to draw your farm and fields. Click here to see a tutorial.

5. With your farm and fields entered, you'll be able to request your service. Click here to see the tutorials.

6. When your service data is available to download you'll receive an email notification. Click here to see a tutorial for downloading your data.

7. You may share your service data with the rest of your team. Click here to see a tutorial showing you this process.

8. You may also use your web browser to see your service data. Click here to see a tutorial.