Forestry Management Planning for Foresters

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Learn the basic steps to start using GeoAgro GIS and GeoAgro Cplanner to develop Woods Wise Stewardship Forester plans in the state of Maine. The learning guides below are done on a sample data set, to allow you to have a hands-on experiene.

For an overview of features please visit this article GeoAgro GIS features

Learning guides

1 Plan your field visit
Locate your plan development area to plan your field visit, find out the precise spots you should visit, and upload them to your GPS.

2 Import data from your field visit
Import the data you gathered in your field visit to GeoAgro GIS.

3 Prepare your plan maps.
Learn how to build the maps you need to add to an EQIP-compliant plan.

4 Deliver your plan.
Learn how to deliver your plan to the MFS or NRCS Maine for review.

5 Retrieve your plan.
Learn how to retrieve your plan once it's been reviewed by the MFS or the NRCS Maine.

For more detail on the tool's features you may visit the Support center which contains the refence guide, FAQ's and online courses.