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Once your GeoAgro account has been created, you may follow these steps to access Farm 360:

1. Go to geoagro.com (1) and click in the Farm 360 (2) section in the upper right corner of the page:

Creating user.jpg

2. Click in Log in.

F360 login 0.jpg

3. In Email address enter the email address registered into your GeoAgro email account.

F360 login 1.jpg

4. In Password enter the password you registered when created your GeoAgro account.

5. Finally, click on the Login button.


If you forgot your password, you may follow these steps:

1. Click the Request new password option.

2. In the Username or email address field, enter your GeoAgro username (if you remember it) or the email address you registered into your account

F360 login 2.jpg

3. Click the Email new password button. A few minutes later, you'll receive in your email account an email with steps you can follow to define a new password.